The main goals of the Polish Acarological Society are:

  • research in the field of acarology and on other related groups of arthropods,
  • collecting acarological data,
  • cooperation with organizations collecting and sharing taxonomic and fauna data,
  • developing and promoting acarological and natural knowledge as well as activities for the protection of nature,
  • publishing a specialist scientific periodical devoted to acarology,
  • representing acarologists associated in the Society in contacts with other organizations and institutions.

PTA intends to achieve the above objectives by:

  • inspiring and coordinating acarological research,
  • organizing research teams, including international ones, to develop specific research topics and coordinate their activities,
  • cooperation with other scientific and national organizations and centers of a similar nature,
  • organizing trips and expeditions to collect scientific materials for the Society’s own needs and at the request of various institutions and organizations,
  • organization of meeting and scientific conferences,
  • organizing specialist courses and trainings,
  • appointment of the journal, printed and / or in electronic form, dedicated to acarological research.